our recommandations


  • always submit a cover letter with your CV. If you are replying to an advert, remember to give the reference. If you are making an unsolicited application, state the role that you are looking for.
  • if you are applying for a specific role, adapt the content of your CV to the job description. This will increase your chances of getting an interview.
  • pay close attention to the skills required for the post. Also the required soft skills. This will help you highlight your past experience in a meaningful and appropriate way. This will draw the attention of the person reading it in a positive way.
  • list your language and IT skills. This is important information.
  • keep a copy of the CV you sent, job description and name of the person to whom you sent your application.
  • follow this up with a phone call or email in the next few days to show them how interested you are in the post. Being proactive will make you stand out from the crowd and maybe even put you in direct contact with the decision-maker.


  • don’t use a typeface that is too quirky or coloured paper.
  • don’t provide too much detail on experience unrelated to the post.
  • don’t spell the recipient’s or the company’s name wrongly. If in any doubts, check on the web site or call the company.
  • spelling mistakes can cause you a real problem. Better to ask someone to check your CV for errors.
  • if you talk about your hobbies, give details that really say who you are (for example, don’t say that you like travelling or football but that you went on a long journey around South East Asia or that you are captain of the football team).

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