social responsibility.

As the world’s number two recruitment service, Randstad takes its social responsibility very seriously.


We are a reliable partner in all of our business relationships. When dealing with our staff, clients, suppliers and other interest groups, we conduct ourselves with respect and an awareness of our responsibilities.

business principles

artificial intelligence principles.

The principles define our commitment to the responsible use of AI. They supplement Randstad’s values and business principles. We see them as a common foundation for our company and all our stakeholders as we navigate the rapidly developing world of AI. The AI principles are a work in progress and we will continue to refine them as AI-related technologies, laws, and regulations evolve over time.

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Here at Randstad, we work towards nurturing and promoting success for all. Our philosophy is to respect and advance the men and women who invest all of their talent and energy in us every day. With the same opportunities for all – regardless of age, skin colour, disability, gender, family situation, nationality, ethnicity, beliefs or sexual orientation.


human rights.

Randstad is a signatory to the UN Global Compact: we subscribe to its principles in the field of human rights, labour rights, environmental protection and the fight against corruption.

human rights

VSO & Randstad.

Through our worldwide partnership with VSO (Voluntary Service Overseas) we help people in the countries most in need, thus contributing towards a fairer world. The partnership is based on Randstad core business: the recruitment of experienced volunteers and qualified professionals to combat poverty. Mainly through charitable assignments, Randstad contributes its expertise in marketing, human resources, recruitment, IT, etc. Will you be next to add to our contribution?

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misconduct reporting.

Randstad promotes a culture of openness and accountability, and encourages all stakeholders to report any incidents where conduct falls short of our core values and/or the Business Principles. Any such report should be provided in accordance with this Misconduct Reporting Procedure. 

misconduct reporting procedure

from the dole to employment.

To help as many people as possible to find the way to lasting employment, it is essential to know the skills and to promote an inclusive employment market. Unemployment among young people is increasing incessantly, and is set to exceed 13% worldwide this year. In 2015, Randstad Holding announced the launch of the European Pact for Youth. In the context of the Youth@Work programme, several successful initiatives have been launched to help young people find work.

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