That's it, the job interview is over! The stress has subsided and you can breathe again.
But now another stressful time awaits you: waiting for an answer. Here are a few tips to make this moment an asset.

thank you e-mail

Regardless of how the job interview went, and even if you have mixed feelings, send a thank you message the next day. Your interviewer took the time to receive you, to talk to you, to listen to you, so it is a basic gesture of politeness. Take advantage of this email to remind them of your interest in the position.

take a step back

Take stock as soon as possible of how the interview went. The questions you were asked, those that made you uncomfortable, the content of your answers, what went well or not so well. This will allow you, during another interview, to have all the cards in hand so that you do not make the same mistakes or, on the contrary, repeat what worked well.

stay calm

The hiring process is both exciting and stressful. One of the most dreaded moments is the wait. How long should you wait? How many days do you have to worry about? How many weeks is the end of the job? And finally, how long should it be between the end of your interview and your follow-up phone call?

One thing is certain, the days of hiring in a few days are definitely over. The tendency is to wait, to have interviews spaced out, to have weeks that go by before getting any feedback. Patience has become the key word and duration is not necessarily synonymous with a setback. If you think it's time to call back because you can't take it anymore, go ahead but don't turn your impatience into telephone harassment.

stay tuned and respond to other opportunities

The more active you are in your job search, the easier it will be to wait. Searching, sending resumes, meeting new people should be your daily routine, even if your last interview was for your dream job. The best way to avoid disappointment is to move forward and a counter-offer could put you in a strong position to negotiate your salary.

overcome a possible rejection

The news has finally come and it's not good. Ask your recruiter for the reasons, if he or she is willing to give them to you. This will be a great opportunity to progress and bounce back. Stay positive: your CV has already passed the first stage, you have resources and the next time will probably be the right one. For sure, there is an employer and a job waiting for you somewhere! Don't give up.

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