The “Banque et Caisse d’Epargne de l’Etat” distinguished as the most attractive compagny in Luxembourg !

The “Banque
et Caisse d'Epargne de l'Etat” is the most attractive employer in Luxembourg. This
is revealed by a survey commissioned by the human resources service provider
Randstad, which interviewed 1500 people in the Great Region. 58.2% of those who
know the financial institution would like to work there. The “Banque et Caisse
d'Epargne de l’Etat” finishes ahead of the Luxembourg Railways (CFL) and Post

For the first time this year, Randstad Luxembourg has integrated public sector
companies into the study panel. And, these scored very well since they
monopolize the podium ! There is also a certain enthusiasm for Luxembourg
companies. Among the 10 most attractive employers, 9 are local companies. This
is a trend observed in most of the countries where the survey is conducted.
"Workers have a strong preference for the local. The feeling of being at home is very strong: these companies
are close and this creates confidence. This element will become even more
important in the coming years, "says Jan Denys, an expert on the Randstad
labor market.

Top 10 of the most attractive companies in Luxemboug

  1. Banque et Caisse d’Epargne de l’Etat               58,2%
  2. CFL                                                                 54,3%
  3. Post Luxembourg                                            54,2%
  4. Luxair                                                              54,1%
  5. Banque de Luxembourg                                   41,9%
  6. Enovos                                                            40,6%
  7. Centre Hospitalier Emile Mayrisch                     37,8%
  8. Cargolux Airlines                                              37,2%
  9. Servior                                                             36,6%
  10. Amazon                                                           34,7%

In terms of economic sectors, the transport / logistics sector and the retail sector attract the most respondents, well ahead of the financial sector, that of services, industry or building.

In addition to the prize list, the survey analyzes the reasons for choosing one employer more than another. The decisive advantages an employer can offer to a candidate are: job security, a good work-life balance and a pleasant working environment. The content of the job only arrives in 4th position.

This ranking highlights the concern of the population about an unemployment rate that has great difficulty falling.

It also points to an increasing trend to leave more room for privacy. Work is no longer, as much as a few years ago, a central element in people's lives.

This year, the study integrated a particular theme and wanted to know more about respondents' attitude towards the increasing digitization of the world of work. Only 28% of respondents believe that it will be an opportunity for them and 10% worry about losing their jobs.
28% of the sample wants to train to get back on the job, while 4% would prefer to leave the company instead of training again.

A few words about the study

  • Quantitative study carried out online in December 2016 by an independent survey institute (Kantar TNS)
  • Representative sample of the population of the Great Region (with an over-representation of the age group 25-44 years)
  • 1,505 interviewees
  • Measured attractiveness for Luxembourg's 40 largest employers
  • Representation of the different economic sectors
  • Measuring the attractiveness of companies: among those who know a company, percentage of those who would like to work for this company
  • Measurement of criteria that make an employer attractive

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