the important points to address

Recruiters receive hundreds of applications, so always try to tailor the cover letter to the job you are applying for.

  • introduce yourself and state the purpose of your letter (include the reference to the advert if relevant).
  • describe your current post and qualifications. Keep it brief – the details will be in your CV.
  • say why you think you are the right fit for the post and the company.
  • don’t be afraid of asking for an interview – it will show how serious you are about your application.
  • including information about the company can also create a positive impression with the recruiter. Doing some research beforehand can be very helpful.

a few more tips:

  • avoid addressing the letter “Dear Madam” or “Dear Sir” - take the time to find the name of the person in charge of recruitment.
  • watch your spelling, grammar and punctuation. Get someone to check through your letter, as this is the first impression of you that the recruiter will have.
  • highlight your plus points in relation to the requirements stated in the advert.
  • and if you send your application by email, don’t forget to attach your CV!

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