advice on interview preparation.

An interview is your chance to shine and go beyond what’s in your CV. The recruiter has one task: to check whether you are suitable for the company and the post available. This is why the basic question you need to answer is “Why should we employ you in particular?”
Advice on interview preparation.


  • Find out about the company
    Arrive on time. Allow an extra 20 minutes for possible delays
  • Be prepared to answer these common job interview question.
  • Give clear, precise and structured answers
  • Have a few concrete examples ready to provide a snapshot of what you can do
  • Relax! It might seem difficult, but remember that you are there because your application stood out above the rest and they want to know more about you
  • Ask the right questions (researching the company will help and pay off in the end)


  • Don’t be negative or critical about your current job/employer. This can come across as unprofessional
  • Don’t talk about salary right at the start (this discussion generally comes up at second interview stage). Remember that you are there to demonstrate what you have to offer the company
  • Don’t lie about anything! It might seem obvious, but you need to keep to the truth