You've landed a brand new contract. Or those long-awaited plane tickets are finally sitting on your bedside table. Yesss, you rock! Before you pop the champagne, make sure your resignation letter is perfect in every way. It's easy with these practical tips!

inform your boss as soon as possible

Are you resigning? Inform your current employer immediately. Your notice period will then begin to run. But a simple discussion is not enough: you must give your resignation in writing. And don't forget to have your letter of resignation signed for receipt.

calculate your notice period

How long is your notice period and how do you calculate it? It all depends on the start date of your employment contract and your status (worker or employee). Use this site to calculate your notice period.

resignation letter: keep it short

Are you writing your resignation letter? Avoid unpacking your prose and detailed explanations. You've already mentioned the reason for your departure during your discussion. Don't repeat yourself. Also, don't mention your new plans or your new employer. Are you feeling resentful? Don't put it on paper. Be brief.

resignation letter: important information

Keep this checklist handy so you don't forget any essential information. Remember to include the following information in your resignation letter:

  • your name and address;
  • the date you submit or send the letter;
  • the fact that you wish to resign and terminate the employment contract;
  • the full address of the company;
  • the date on which your notice period begins to run;
  • the length of the notice period
  • your signature.

how to submit your letter of resignation?

There are two ways to submit your letter of resignation:

  • you give the letter directly to your employer or manager. Write it in duplicate and ask your employer to sign one copy for receipt;
  • send it by registered mail.

don't hesitate to personalize your letter of resignation

Do you find this letter too formal a way to say goodbye to the company? Feel free to personalize your resignation letter. Have you developed a close relationship over the years? 

Put a positive spin on your letter. Your new job may require you to stay in touch. Never cut ties.

Keep it professional, as your letter is an official document. Do you want to thank someone for the pleasant collaboration and rewarding experience? A win-win approach. Got guts? Ask your boss to write you a recommendation. It will look great on your LinkedIn profile.

example of a professional resignation letter

Your first name + last name Street City

Company name Street City

Place, date

Dear [...]

I hereby submit my resignation. I hereby resign with a notice period of [...] days/month starting on [...].

Thank you for the pleasant collaboration.

Sincerely, First name Last name (signature)

negotiate your notice period

Even if your notice period is regulated by law, you can always negotiate the length of your notice. Admit it: your mind will be elsewhere as soon as you hand in your resignation.

Want to leave early? You have two options:

  • You ask to leave your job early, which means reducing your legal notice period. Your employer does not have to agree to this, but if he does, the contract is terminated by mutual agreement and you will no longer receive any salary.
  • Your employer may also decide to exempt you from notice. In this case, your salary is maintained without you having to work. The exemption from notice must be in writing. If you start working for another employer while your notice period is still in effect, your salary will no longer be paid by your previous employer.

    agree on the tasks that remain to be done

Whether you serve your full notice period or interrupt it, make a list of the tasks and projects you still need to complete. Discuss the assignments you plan to complete and how to facilitate the handover. It is important to be flexible during this process, especially if you are leaving early.

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